The Spanish word inicio means start. Dinicio is the start. What exactly is dinicio the start of? The vision for dinicio is to be a software company that gives it's employees the tools and equity to make transformational change in the world.

One industry is ripe for transformational change is the banking industry. Personal finance hasn't really changed with new technology. We aim to fix that. Our innovative and transformational product is a completely redesigned bank. An early testing version of what our vision of a bank can be found at Budget Banking.

Our solution isn't just new features for the customer, it starts with operations. The entire bank operates as code with only the federally required oversight. The majority of the bank is built and controlled by software developers and is maintained entirely as code. It starts with our custom operations core which enables the rapid deployment of customer requested banking features. Our core has a built in audit and reporting framework to ensure that these rapidly deployed customer features meet regulatory requirements. We've also imporved the software development lifecycle with our application management tools. Our application manager builds the majority of the microservice and integrates it before a developer even starts to customize it for business needs.

Dinicio is the technology and people behind Budget Banking to learn more about Budget Banking please follow the link and see what we're building for the world.